Where Love And Charity Abide, There God Is Found Lyrics

Where love and, charity abide,
There God is found.

The love of Christ has gathered us together,
And in his love we find the source,
Of all our gladness.

All those who fear the power of the living God
Now, with a heart sincere and faithful,
Praise his holy name.

Since we are one in body you’re now with us;
Oh grant that in our lives,
We may be serving you.

Here in our midst, let ev’ry person find the Lord;
He calms the quarrelling nations
Bringing peace and joy to all.

United here with all the children of the Lord,
We seek to see the glorious light
Of Christ, the risen Lord.

So may our joy be full, untouched by sadness;
And may it grow through
All the ages of eternity.

Where Love And, Charity Abide, There God Is Found Lyrics


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