O Praise, My Soul The Lord, O Glorify His Name! Lyrics

O praise, my soul the Lord;
O glorify His name!
In Him my spirit thrills with joy,
My Saviour and my God!

From heaven He gazed on me,
His lowly servant-maid;
Behold, all ages yet to come,
Shall call me blest of God!

The Lord with wondrous power
Has done great things for me;
For ever blessed be His name;
Who is the holy One!

His mercy He revels,
To those who fear His name;
From age to age His steadfast love,
Shall endlessly endure!

His arm is strong to save;
He scatters all the proud;
He casts the mighty from their thrones;
He raises up the meek

He fills the hungry poor,
With blessings from above;
The rich he strips of wealth and power,
And empty sends away.

His mighty hand has grasped;
The hand of Israel,
His servant-son, beloved of Him,
With never-fading love!

Now is His promise kept,
Once made to Abraham,
That in His seed should man be blest,
For all eternity!

O Father, fount of joy,
Your glory I adore;
O loving Spirit, praise be yours,
Who gave me God, my Son!

O Praise, My Soul The Lord, O Glorify His Name! Lyrics


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