Copyright Issues

You may like to bookmark the YouTube video of a song to enjoy later or share it with your family and friends using YouTube’s sharing buttons. That is okay because that is what YouTube and the owner of the song expect you to do.

As a Christian, you may also want the words of a song to sink into your spirit to benefit you for whatever reason. So you may want to write the words somewhere when watching and listening to a music video or visit a site like for the lyrics. No worries. The owner is aware you may do it. But do nothing beyond what the owner expects from you.

The videos on YouTube are accessible to the public. And we at has this policy “No video, no lyrics.” Meaning: you will not find a song here if it is not given to the public to freely access on YouTube. Watching a YouTube video on is watching it on YouTube. There is no difference when it comes to the owner getting whatever he or she wants.

We do not provide free music or video download links. To us, it is illegal.

Now, if you are the owner of a song/songs or someone authorized to represent the owner of a song/songs and you believe that we have infringed on your copyright, then, please provide us with this information for a takedown:

  1. a signature of the owner or authorized fellow to represent the owner of the song/songs
  2. a description of the song/songs
  3. the location of the song/songs on our site (provide a URL here)
  4. your full name, address and phone number
  5. state that you believe in good faith that the disputed use of the song/songs is or are not authorized by the owner, its agent, or the law
  6. state that the information in the notice is accurate and that you are the owner or authorized to represent the owner

Email to:

Read the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”)

Thank you.