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This privacy policy statement is for only: collects some personal data (direct or indirect information that allows for the identification of a person) from you. The following third parties: Google Analytics, AddToAny, YouTube, and Google AdSense may also collect usage data (non-personal data) from the applications you use to visit

Section 1 – Details


You may provide us with your Name and email address when you use our form on our contact page to reach us. You will not be able to use our contact form if you fail to fill out your name and email address. Our staff in Ghana will use your Name and email address to reply you.


We at uses Google Analytics to track applications used to visit, to automatically collect usage data,  and to analyze user behavior. We have access to all usage data collected with Google Analytics (this is the Google Analytics Privacy Policy and Opt Out).

Sharing Buttons

We use AddToAny social media sharing buttons to help you share the content directly from the pages of with your friends and family on social media platforms. AddToAny automatically collects your usage data (read their Privacy Policy). Also note that whatever you share from any of our pages is subject to your privacy settings on any of the social media platforms.

Video Embeds, on some pages, use videos hosted on external platforms like “YouTube.” They automatically collect usage data, too (read their Privacy Policy).


Google AdSense may serve ads and collect some anonymous data when you visit They use the contexts of our content and/or your usage data to provide relevant advertisements that may benefit you. They use cookies or web beacon to collect your usage data. To learn more about this behavioral advertising practice you can visit

Note carefully here: Google does not use personal data to provide advertisements; they use ony your usage data. And will not use your personal data for marketing purposes.

What are Cookies?

Cookies small sets of data stored in your device by and/or any third party.


You may register with your Name and email address to login to submit gospel lyrics, and to UPVOTE other listed songs on site. Our staff in Ghana will use your Name and email address to monitor your activities on site, and to contact you when the need arise.

Section 2 – Consent and Retention Time Of Personal Data

We may be obliged to keep your personal data for long than your consented period when required to fulfill an order of a law or authority.


You consent that we store your name and email address until we reply you when you use our contact form to reach us; we may also store any other personal data you provide when you contact us.


You consent that we store your name and email address in Ghana to help the Christian community at fellowship as required. Your name and email address will be removed from our storage when you request to deactivate your account. 

Section 3 – You Have Rights

You have the right to ask us to withdraw your consent at any time, verify the accuracy of your personal data, or have it removed from our storage. does not support “Do Not Track” requests, but you can find out whether any of the third parties listed in SECTION – 1 uses it or not for your usage data.

Section 4 – Security and Disclosure has taken all security measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure, access, and destruction of the name and email address you may provide using our contact form and or when you register. But by consenting (SECTION – 2), you declare your awareness that may be required by law to reveal your personal data when public authorities request for it.

Section 5 – Modifications to This Privacy Policy

Mytopfinding may, at any time, make changes to this privacy policy; and you will only know of it when you visit this page; always check the last updated date at the bottom of this page to give you a clue if there are any changes.

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Mytopfinding is the data controller

Last update: January 11, 2019

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