About Mytopfinding


Mytopfinding is a multilingual (over 100 languages) searchable database of sought-after Christian content – Charismatic Christian song lyrics of every tribe, hymnals and the King James Version of the Holy Bible – that you can freely access. We equip you not only to access the content we share, but to stay focused on the Gospel and the new creation in Christ. Our focus is on the Good News, the new dispensation, not the old, not the law; for Christians are not under the law. Mytopfinding provides exactly what Christians need in one place.


With support from his family Francis Quarshie started My top finding in 2017 in Tamale, Ghana. He had the vision to make sought-after Christian content aggregated in one place and accessible to everyone. We continue to add more for you everyday.

Why our ministry name?

Truth is, most men don’t know they’re looking for Christ. Christians have Him, lives in Him, and He in us. Christians are Him. The day anyone finds Him, He becomes that fellow’s top finding, ever; because Jesus is everything man will ever need.

Hence, “My top finding is the Lord Jesus Christ.

He caused us to find and be Him.

Our service is all about Him and His Gospel. Himself is the Gospel. He’s everywhere in the content we share on our pages.

The team

We’re a Christian family dedicated to edifying the body of Christ. There are things you can contact us to do for you. Find them on our contact page. You’re a blessing to us.

Our statement of faith

  • God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • God’s written Word is in the Bible and Christians.
  • The Lord Jesus is the Word and Son of God.
  • The Holy Spirit dwells in Christians.
  • God gave man the gift of salvation.
  • Angels are ministering spirits, subject to Christians.
  • All things are subject to Christians.
  • Christians are God’s Children.
  • God’s love made Christians able to love Him.

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