About Us

Our mission is to transform you by answering your Bible and life’s questions. All the answers we provide are prayerfully and well researched, carefully curated and constantly updated.

How we operate

1. You ask a Bible or Life’s question using our Question Submission Form.

2. We forward your question to a volunteer staff to prayerfully and thoroughly research for an answer.

3. We research and add other recommended resources in the subject area for your perusal.

4. The answer to your question is published.

5. And a notification is sent if you expect it in your inbox. Read our Privacy Policy.

Who created Mytopfinding?

Mytopfinding was originally created by the Quarshie’s of Holy Hill Chapel Worldwide. They are based in Ghana. And their top finding is Christ Jesus and His Good News. They are still part of the site and we appreciate what they built and hope to continue their vision of answering all your Bible questions. You’re welcome to Join us if you desire to work with us.


Mytopfinding is funded by the Quarshie family. We’re on the lookout for partners. It’s an opportunity to impact lives through the resources we freely offer.


Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. Most importantly, if you are looking to ask a Bible or life’s question, please do so here. You can also search for answers using our search box. Thank you.

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