Top5 Lyrics – Kieran the Light

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[Part I]

—Never, never ever
Gonna leave
Now I know
That you’re never
Never ever
Gonna leave—leave—leave—

Verse 1: Kieran the Light
Givin’ all my energy and I don’t think they hearin’ me
I don’t do conspiracies, I tell you what my spirit sees
Now I’m seein’ people from history, like “Remember me?”
Transformed spiritually, I don’t have no memory
Had so much fear in the past, but now I ain’t stoppin’
Sat down some years and camе back like I’m Klay Thompson
I don’t only rap ’cause I’m gifted, I got likе eight options
Covered in the blood of Jesus, look like I need eight doctors

Verse 2: Eddie Clark
Battlin’ these demons, I’m the undisputed champion
They be salty with me ’cause I be in rows they can’t be in
If you don’t see the reason, then Stevie can keep you wonderin’
If we talkin’ ring, then five fingers can’t view the numberin’
I never did the mumblin’, that’s why when all these people
List they top five rappers, they gon’ always put me under them
Don’t trust that “Explore” page, it always keeps me stumblin’
I open up the Word and jump into it like I’m bungeein’

Interlude: Eddie Clark & Kieran The Light
I think we top five
Ayy, that’s no question, my boy
Heh, I mean, I’m just tellin’ you what God told me, though
He told me the same
But look, I wanna go again

Verse 3: Kieran the Light
Anxiety be creepin’ in, every night I be up late
The way that I been livin’, I hope Jesus really come late
My last heartbreak was like the icin’ on the cupcake
Then God filled me up like I got fifty on pump eight
Devil’s tryna open the doors that I ain’t comin’ in
Go check the intentions of the people that you runnin’ with
They be hypin’ up these rappers, I be like “Come again?”
God told me I’m top five like I’m the number six

Verse 4: Eddie Clark
Every time I bless an instrumental, it’s a classic
Automatic with the flow and it is shockin’ like a static
Jackie Chan how I operate ’cause stuntin’ is a habit
Please don’t ask me where my sense is at, ’cause truth is I don’t have it
I’ve been goin’ crazy ever since I was a toddler
They told me “Taste and see” and it reminded me of cobbler
Now everything is peachy, you can tell it by the fruit
Let God show you the way, Kieran’s the light and I’m the truth, woo

[Part II]

Verse 5: Kieran the Light
Somebody tell me, what is a Christian?
Seem like all the leaders got some different definitions
They got all these followers makin’ me wanna listen
But I don’t feel conviction, I think we on different missions
I think we on different levels, I think we on different pages
I’m fightin’ with different devils, that’s why we on different stages
Even though they overlook me, my garden is still amazin’
I think it only distinguished the realness from all the fakeness
Guard up, I gotta keep all of these demons in my sight
Makin’ sure that they can’t sneak up ‘soon as I close my eyes
That’s why I’m tossin’ and turnin’ instead of sleep at night
Can’t even sleep through a flight, I’m just tryna be the light

Refrain: Eddie Clark
I ain’t ’bout to front about my Savior
You know right where I stand
I’m talkin’ ten toes down
Worship all up in my speakers with my windows down
Not a day goes by, think about how good You really been
You don’t put in work and just absorb it all
I can’t call you His follower, yeah
‘Cause I know I got a job to do (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I got a job to do (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Song by Kieran the Light Featuring Eddie Clark

Written by Eddie Clark, Kieran the Light, Arcane Beats and Evangel Cutrell

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