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[Part I]

Oh, already won
Never be defeated
Already won, already won, already won

Verse 1: Kidd Lee
I’m finna get on they necks, I’m finna confess
Feel like I got open eyes
God showin’ all the sneaky thoughts
From the people close who I thought gon’ ride
Learned some people, they ain’t dodgin’ for me
But discernment came around and hit my mind
I’m tryna see your intentions
I’m tryna know why you keep comin’ up to the side
I know you could be here to hurt
Know some pеople gon’ treat you like dirt
Hе said “If they hate you, they hated Me first”
I don’t look back on the people who turned
They keep it a stack, they say “Okay”
Lately I’m peepin’, they comin’ around
To get ’em a bag, I pray
That I see the people that really just want me to go down and crash the plane, yeah

Verse 2: Kieran the Light
Yeah, I’m up next
I’m writin’ these lyrics for change
It look like these other ones writin’ for checks
Remember when I was in search of the riches
And itchin’ to say I’m the best
I had to go check my intentions
And now it’s just God I wanna impress, yeah
I don’t know
I don’t know who is put here to distract me
The light inside me keep breakin’ out
But I have yet to see acne
This is exactly what God is asking
Look at the world in front of us crashing
They must actually think He’s blowing smoke
Heh, that’s kinda witchcrafting
No, I’m not laughing
I almost quit writing and then actually
I was set apart to a higher purpose
And then God told me “Keep rapping”
Now what’s the story for these other guys?
‘Cause I feel like a lot of ’em acting
I’m not hating, I’m just asking
I’m not relating, it feel distracting
Oh, and lastly
This is written, there’s no way to cancel me
I could see the people that’s gassin’ me
With intention just to get past me
I’m just here to give glory to Christ
If not, then this is embarrassing
I see intentions of all of the Pharisees
And to me, they just lookin’ like parodies

Verse 3: Kidd Lee
Ain’t no more playin’ around with peace
‘Cause when God say there’s another door
Then you know He providin’ the key
And with Kieran The Light and Kidd Lee
In the spot, then you know that it’s heat
And you know we demolish a beat
I know some people who clappin’ for me
But really, they want ’em a spot in my seat
Carry a cross, but I won’t be fooled
Enemy mad, so he sendin’ wolves
Wolves of the pack that’s covered in wool
Now I don’t lack ’cause I got the tool
And I got a Bible on me
I gotta get wisdom, I’m wantin’ the knowledge
I know He provide it for free
And I know some people gon’ try to renounce that
I keep my faith on a leash
I can’t let it go
No matter the pain, no matter who come in my life and try to provoke, uh
I keep my eyes on the Lord when enemies try
He handle the smoke, yeah
Me, I just gotta sit back and let Him reveal
The hearts that’s cold, it’s Kidd

Oh, already won
Never be defeated
Already won, already won, already won

[Part II]

Verse 4: Kieran the Light
I think we should have a quick intervention
Jesus wanna step in our life and we buildin’ fences
God takin’ all of His startin’ players off the benches
We gettin’ very close to the endin’, it’s fourth and inches
They don’t like when I give ’em verses that’s full of honesty
So all the persecutors and Pharisees try to out me
Sometimes I wanna flex on the people that try to doubt me
I’m tempted to break the witness ’til He tell me it ain’t ’bout me
God had to renew me, now I’m a different guy
Now He walkin’ me through the dark as the light that’s in disguise
They don’t see the truth comin’ through my teeth like Invisalign
Twistin’ up the Scripture, talkin’ ’bout we in a different time
Nah, but tell me when the Book changed
Halfway believers the reason the church look strange
Could have played for Dallas the way I’m shootin’ from Dirk range
Directly at the devil before he could take the first aim
I could say that I’m thankful I’m not still lost
Every day I get in some cardio, this a real walk
A lot of people gon’ get it, some gon’ remain lost
I just tell it like it is because that’s real talk
It ain’t gon’ be no more stressing, you get them sins off
Ain’t no more second-guessin’, just cut them friends off
Or your family when they show you who they really are
I just tell it like it is because that’s real talk

Verse 5: Kidd Lee
Soon as I let go of them demons, I look different, have you seen her?
And now I go to God to quench my thirst like Aquafina
I always felt so different but it’s fine ’cause I’m a dreamer
And Jesus comin’ back, so all the lies are gettin’ deeper
Devil no longer hidin’, generation despise us
Nations have been divided, people have gave up tryin’
It’s time to put on my vest and put on my armor like bullets flyin’
Say your heart can’t take no more, go to the source and stop denyin’
God I’m reppin’, no plan for me? check Jeremiah 29:11
I’m done with tunnel vision, now I’m on my way to heaven
You done hurt me once, you done broke my heart, believe it, now I get it
I just gotta cut you off like scissors, I’ma get to snippin’
God workin’ on me, see my plan, I see it just like visions
So every day I’m workin’, every day is a new snippet
I’m tryna tell the truth, but some people don’t wanna hear it
They’d rather keep on partyin’ and they gon’ call it livin’, real talk

Song by Kieran the Light Featuring Kidd Lee

Written by Kidd Lee, Kieran the Light, Encore Beats, Scandi and Niko

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