Overwhelmed In Depths Of Woe Lyrics

O’erwhelm’d in depths of woe,
Upon the tree of scorn,
Hangs the redeemer of mankind,
With racking anguish torn.

See how the nails those hands,
And feet so tender rend;
See down his face, and neck, and breast,
His sacred blood her soul in night.

Hark; with what awful cry,
His spirit takes its flight;
That cry, it smote his mother’s heart,
And wrapt her soul in night.

The sun withdraws its light;
The midday heavens grow pale;
The moon, the stars, the universe,
Their maker’s death bewail.

Come, fail before his cross,
Who shed for us his blood;
Who died, the victim of pure love,
To make us sons of God.

Jesu, all praise to you,
Our joy and endless rest;
Be you our guide while pilgrims here,
Our crown amid the blest.

Overwhelmed In Depths Of Woe Lyrics


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