In The Lord’s Atoning Grief Lyrics

In the Lord’s atoning grief
Be our rest and sweet relief;
Store we deep in heart’s recess
All the shame and bitterness.

Thorns, and cross, and nails, and lance,
Wounds, our treasure that enhance,
Vinegar, and gall, and reed,
And the pang His soul that freed.

May these all our spirits fill,
And with love inflame our will;
Plant in us contrition’s root,
Ripen there its saving fruit.

Crucified! we adore you,
With all our hearts we implore;
With the saints our souls unite
In the realms of heavenly light.

Christ, by coward hands betrayed,
Christ, for us a Captive made,
Christ, upon the bitter tree
Slain for man, be praise to you.

In The Lord’s Atoning Grief Lyrics


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