O You, Who Your Own Father’s Breast Lyrics

O You, who your own Father’s breast,
Forsaking, Word sublime!
Did come to aid a world distressed,
In your appointed time.

Our hearts enlighten with your ray,
And kindle with your love
That, dead to earthly things, we may
Live but to things above.

So when before the judgment-seat,
The sinner hears his doom,
And when a voice divinely sweet,
Shall call the righteous home.

Safe from the black and fiery flood,
That sweeps the dread abyss,
May we behold the face of God,
In everlasting bliss.

To God the Father, with the Son,
And Spirit evermore,
Be glory while the ages run,
As in all time before.

O You, Who Your Own Father’s Breast Lyrics


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