Like The Dawning Of The Morning Lyrics

Like the dawning of the morning,
On the mountains golden heights,
Like the breaking of the moonbeams
On the gloom of cloudy nights,
Like a secret told by angels
Getting known upon the earth,
Is the Mother’s expectation
Of Messiah’s speedy birth.

You were happy, blessed Mother,
With the very bliss of heaven,
Since the angel’s salutation
In your raptured ear was given;
Since the Ave of that midnight
When you were anointed Queen,
Like a river over-flowing
Hath the grace within you been.

You hast waited, child of David,
And your waiting now is o’er.
You have seen Him, blessed Mother,
And will see him evermore.
Oh, his human face and features
They were passing sweet to see;
You behold them this moment;
Mother show them now to me.

Like The Dawning Of The Morning Lyrics


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