O Lord Of Light, Who Made The Stars Lyrics

O Lord of light, who made the stars
O Dawn by whom we see the way
O Christ redeemer of us all
Make haste to listen as we pray.

In lowliness you came on earth
To rescue us from Satan’s snares
O wondrous love that healed our wounds
By taking up our mortal cares.

To pay the depth we owed for sin,
Your painful cross we named the price,
From Mary’s virgin shrine you come,
A spotless host for sacrifice.

But now you reign the King of Kings,
Adored in highest majesty;
Your very name commands respect,
From pole to pole and sea to sea.

Great judge of mankind’s final day,
Have pity on your children’s plight;
Rise up to shield us with your grace;
Deliver us from Satan’s might.

To God the Father and the Son
For ages of eternal days
Together with the spirit be
All glory, honor, might and praise

O Lord Of Light, Who Made The Stars Lyrics


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