Hark, How The Banks Of Jordan Ring Lyrics

Hark, how the banks of Jordan ring,
The Baptists utterance echoing!
Your drowsy slumbers cast away,
Those warning accents to obey.

The conscious earth, and sea and sky,
Welcome his advent from on high,
Who did their groaning fabric build,
With pangs of expectation thrilled.

And shall our hearths unpurified,
The coming of their king abide?
Strew all his path, and lodging meet,
Prepare a royal quest to greet.

Jesus, our souls with health endow;
Our strength and consolation you;
Creatures of earth, within your aid,
We languish like the flowers that fade,

Stretch out your hand, we faint no more;
The fallen to their feet restore;
Show but your face, and wintry earth,
Shall bring her dallying flowers to birth.

Jesus, our ransomer divine,
Let praise beyond all praise be yours;
Praise to the Father endlessly,
And his life-giving Spirit be.

Hark, How The Banks Of Jordan Ring Lyrics


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