E3. Exult, ye Gentiles! mourn, ye Hebrews!

Exult, ye Gentiles! mourn, ye Hebrews! CHRIST,
Giver of Life, hath burst
The fetters of the Tomb:
And raised the dead again, and healed the sick.
This is our GOD, Who giveth health
To every soul believing on His Name.

Marvel of marvels! Thou, O LORD, didst turn
The water into wine,
As once Thou spak’st the word
To Egypt’s river, and forthwith ‘twas blood.
All praise to Thee, O LORD, Who now
By laying down Thy glory, man renew’st!

O overflowing stream of truest life,
Our Resurrection, LORD!
Thou for our sakes didst toil,
Thou for our sakes—so Nature willed—didst thirst:
And resting Thee by Sichar’s well,
Of the Samaritan didst seek to drink.

Thou blessest bread, Thou multipliest fish,
Thou freely feed’st the crowd,
And givest Wisdom’s spring to thirsting men.
Thou art our SAVIOUR, O our GOD!
Giver of Life to them that trust in Thee!

Three co-eternal, co-enthroned, I laud:
The unbegotten SIRE,
And Co-existant SON,
And SPIRIT, co-eternal with the Twain:
Tri-hypostatic Essence! One
In might and majesty and Godhead sole.

Mother of GOD! Thou only didst contain
The Uncontainable;
And brought’st the Infant forth,
Ineffable in Thy Virginity.
Hence without ceasing, O most pure,
Vouchsafe to call down blessing on Thy flock!

Thou turned’st the sea to land, when Thou didst whelm
Pharoah and all his host,
His chariot and his horse:
And ledd’st Thy people to the Holy Mount.
Sing we, said they, to Thee our GOD,
Mighty in War, this Ode of Victory!

Original Language: Greek
Translator: John Mason Neale (1862)
Author: St. Andrew of Crete, c. 660-732
Topic: Germanus, Saint

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