E2. In Bethlehem is He Born

In Bethlehem is He born,
Maker of all things, everlasting GOD!
He opens Eden’s gate,
Monarch of Ages! Thence the fiery sword
Gives glorious passage; thence

That severing mid-wall overthrown, the Powers
Of earth and Heav’n are one:
Angels and men renew their ancient league,
The pure rejoin the pure
In happy union! Now the Virgin-womb,
Like some cherubic throne,
Containeth Him, the Uncontainable:
Bears Him, Who while they bear

The Seraphs tremble: bears Him, as He comes
To shower upon the world
The fulness of His everlasting love.

Original Language: Greek
Author: Anatolius, of Constantinople, Saint, d. 458
Translator: John Mason Neale

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