Check Lyrics – Bumps INF

You already know what it is
It’s your boy Billyano the Gano
Everybody’s favorite African americano
Make sure you all check out the homie Bumps’ new project
You hear me?
Who is Mark James?

Verse 1: Bumps Inf
Let’s get it goin’ (Ayy)
Let’s get it goin’ (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
It’s wavy baby, you would think that this a ocean (Ooh)
I ain’t tryna brag, got no intent of boastin’ (Nope)
But when I tilt my Apple Watch at night my wrist be glowin’ (Ah)
Superhuman strength, I’m just a little bit Samoan (Hey)
Tryna blow up kinda like the beat was a big explosion (Hey)
I don’t do this for the Viner
I ain’t stuntin’ for the Grana
I be too busy gettin’ mine
Tryna find out if I’m supposed to rap (Like seriously)
Tryna realign where my focus at (What you mean though?)
I’ve got an ill mind and fans that say I got real lines
But my doubt gets so bad sometimes I call up Biz like, yo am I still signed? (Haha)
Ayy, ayy, hit ’em with the one, two, one, two
Under war like Sunzu, flesh gets subdued
Plus run-through like uh, ooh
They ain’t even make a word
I ain’t even finished the rest of my verse
Ready for whatever that comes, it might hurt
Thomas Edison on the track, light work
If I’m riding that new wave that would mean I just beat up someone with skinny jeans and a skateboard
And I don’t wanna resort back to violence
And just let me keep my peace, that would be great Lord
Wifey healthy, kids are healthy (Check, check, check, check)
I would just be lyin’ if I said that I wasn’t blessed
Wifey healthy, kids are healthy (Check, check, check, check)
You get the idea right?

Verse 2: Monster Tarver
Run gettin’ lunch
And when they go and get the guns then we’ll dump
And when I flow I’m tellin’ Bumps get the pump
And I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no pumps from a bump
Hammer time like I’m Thor
Anybody challenge mine when I go
Hit ’em with the battle cry when I flow
And I’m like a Samurai with a sword (Let’s go)
Look what they did to me (Uh)
It would appear to be that they was livin’ in fear from me
Took my career from me (Uh)
And it was dear to me, now there can see what I’m here to be (Uh)
The rest of the biz turned into a monster, now I can’t get out this function (Let’s go)
Now I’m an elephant, I’m in the room, so don’t make me go to the trunk
Telekinetic energy, and I will look out for the enemy
And I’m in the vicinity of a blade
And I’m a bitter epitome given to the Son of infinity
And I’m becoming infinity in the name (Let’s go)
Now what’s in the hands of the King compared to me?
I fight for my children regardless
I look at my family tree and I never leave (Monster)
If I’m ridin’ a wave I don’t need a skateboard
Then I’ll turn into the Silver Surfer and I’ll race yours (They gotta talk to you nice)

Song by Bumps INF Featuring Monster Tarver

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