This Was Supposed 2BA Cypher Lyrics – Bumps INF

Intro: Chris Broussard
Yo, what up everybody, this your boy Chris Broussard
And you are now tuned in, to what we’ve all been waiting for
Now, since you a fellow Clevelander, bro, like myself
I’mma cut you some slack, but go ahead bro
You gotta give these people what they came for

Verse One: Bumps Inf & Chris Broussard
Like, should I just go now, alright
Hi, my name is Bumps (Hi)
And I’m an alcoholic (No you’re not)
Wait a minute, alright, hold on, that ain’t how I start this (You got issues bro)
My parents made a mistake
I’m the type of cat that bust out laughin’ at a wake
They tried to fix my brain, back when I was eight
But it didn’t work, like tyrna’ vacuum with a rake (Yo chill)
But then the Lord saved mе (Yeah, I really doubt it Bumps, you are crazy)
Sheesh, no surprisе that your hating
Look, I’m a good-fella like Scorsese, except my sin, that part’s like a poor Jay-Z (Aw, what is happening?)
That means hella ugly (Oh)
I mean they make the face of Sam Cassell look lovely (Yo, your a whole heathen)
The point I’m tryna tell you buddy, is consequences kind of scare me like Teletubbies
I fall short like that fella Mugsy
Then feels useless like umbrellas when the weather’s sunny (Bumpy, ha)
(Okay, okay, okay, I see you bro, I see you, alright)
(You might just have gone full blown Kobe on ’em)
(That’s right, eighty-one in Toronto)
(You gonna put it down for the city of Cleveland like that)
(Then you gon’ need to be on that type of time, my man)

Verse Two: Bumps Inf & Chris Broussard & Selah the Corner & A.I. the Anomaly & Bizzle
Alright, look, so on that first verse I may or may not have rapped over the whole open slot that Selah had (Really brah)
Enter two parts where A.I. raps (Really)
But other than that, okay, okay, my bad (Wow)
Look, from here on out, I promise, I’mma share (Yo Bumps)
What up bro? (I don’t mean to interfere, but I bet you got some real problems)
Bro, I’m aware
But acknowledgment’s the first step, like the bottom of the stairs
Get it, clearly a comedy career
It’s what I should’ve been pursuin’ and not father of the year
What a waist of time, could’ve did a little modeling for Sears
If it wasn’t for my love for street tacos and a beer (Can you be serious for once?)
I copy loud and clear, you want bars
And that’s what I’ve been droppin’ every year (It’s not about it though)
I mean, though, it’s kinda why I’m here
They give them O’s and Ah’s and checkin’ them tonsils in the mirror (Oh)
I got a message for this genre that I’m near (Whoo)
Those considered poppin’, rainbow products in your hair (Whoo)
Skinny jeans for skin pores, you know what, I don’t even care (Whoo)
‘Cuz let’s be honest, if we collidin’, man it would not even be fair (Skill)
So, let’s do this, I’ll address those accusin’ affairs
Quote, unquote legends, most of them are silent, ‘cuz they scared
They don’t want the smoke, never once acknowledged I was here
Well, I’m back for that respect that you been robbin’ me for years
‘Cuz, I help build this blood, sweat, and a lot of it was tears
It’s preposterous to think that I did not help pioneer
This same genre, you know the one you profit from a smidge
Oh, how dare you, there’s not a man inside this that I fear (I fear you)
Look, this is no hate
But in rap circles around most of them like saran wrap on a to go plate
No shade, okay, a little but they so fake
And I won’t stand for it, like you at a concert with a broke leg
I’ll be your huckleberry, look bring your whole gang
And your folks too, look, we can televise this whole thing (That’s what I’m talking about)
We can go bar for bar, step into my domain
You a lost head, even with rogaine, it won’t change (Oh my goodness)
A broke flame, just won’t hang, like a routine
Wait a minute, what was that?
Sounded like your phone rang
Hello (Yo, Bumps, I need to see you in my office)
A’ight, be there in a sec, bet, yo that was my boss, Bizz
Oh shoot, I might get fired for the prideful lines
Let me go repent before I’m back working a nine to five
You know what, I apologize, you know the flesh from time to time
Just kind of blurts, how what we try to hide this son of mine, whoops

Outro: Chris Broussard
A’ight that joint was hot
Like the Warriors with a 3-1 lead in 2016
That’s what I’m talkin’ about
But don’t start feelin’ yourself too much
Because you know why we do this and who we do it for

Song by Bumps INF

Written by Bumps INF, Chris Broussard, A.I. The Anomaly, Selah the Corner and Bizzle

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