With All the Power of Heart and Tongue

Praise and Thanksgiving Hymn of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hymn number 79

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Hymn Lyrics:


1. With all the pow’r of heart and tongue,
I’ll praise my Maker in my song.
Angels shall hear the notes I’ll raise,
Approve the song, and join the praise.

2. I’ll sing thy truth and mercy, Lord;
I’ll sing the wonders of thy word.
Not all thy works and names below
So much thy pow’r and glory show.

3. Amidst a thousand snares I stand,
Upheld and guided by thy hand.
Thy words my fainting soul revive
And keep my dying faith alive.

Text: Isaac Watts, 1674–1748
Music: Lowell M. Durham, 1917–1992. © 1948 IRI

Psalm 138:1–8