To You Lift My Soul, O Lord My God Lyrics

To You Lift My soul,
O Lord my God,
Instruct me in your ways,

To you I lift up my soul, O my God;
I trust in you, let me never come to shame;
Prevent my enemies rejoicing over me;
For all who hope in you shall not know shame;
They will be shamed who lightly break their faith.

Point out to me your paths,
O Lord, instruct me in your ways;
Direct me, teach me in your truth,
Because you are my savior God,
And ever do I hope in you.

Remember your mercies, LORD.
Your tenderness from ages past;
The sins, the offences of my youth,
Keep not these in mind,
But in your mercy, remember me,
according to your goodness, Lord.

The Lord is upright, He is good
And so He shows the path to wanderers;
In justice does He guide humble souls,
And teaches them his way.

All path ways of the Lord
Are grace and faithfulness, to those
Who keep His covenant and law.
For the sake of your Name, O Lord
Forgive my sins, for they are great.

Who is the man who-fears the Lord?
He teaches him what path to choose
In comfort will he dwell, and his posterity
Will possess the earth.

The Lord is friend and intimate to them that fear him,
And He revels his covenant to them.
My eyes are ever fixed upon the Lord,
Because He plucks my feet out of the snare.

O Look upon me and be merciful,
For Loneliness, misfortune are my lot;
Relieve the anguish of my heart,
Deliver me from my distress.

See my hardship and my wretchedness,
And pardon all my sins.
Look how many are my enemies,
What violent hate they have for me.

Protect my soul and rescue me.
You are my refuge: do not shame my trust,
May innocence and honesty be my safe- guard,
Because I hope in you, O Lord.
O God, deliver Israel, from all her distress.

Give glory to the Father and the Son,
Give glory to the Holy Spirit;
As in the beginning, so now,
And evermore, throughout eternity.

To You Lift My Soul, O Lord My God Lyrics


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