The Voice That Breathed O’er Eden Lyrics

1 The voice that breathed o’er Eden,
That earliest wedding day,
The primal marriage blessing,
It hath not passed away.

2 Still in the pure espousal
Of Christian man and maid,
The holy Three are with us,
The threefold grace is said,

3 For dower of blessed children,
For love and faith’s sweet sake,
For high mysterious union
Which naught on earth may break.

4 Be present, awful Father,
To give away this bride,
As Eve Thou gav’st to Adam
Out of his own pierced side:

5 Be present, Son of Mary,
To join their loving hands,
As Thou didst bind two natures
In Thine eternal hands!

6 Be present, holiest Spirit,
To bless them as they kneel,
As Thou, for Christ the Bridegroom,
The heavenly Spouse dost seal!

7 O spread Thy pure wing o’er them,
Let no ill power find place,
When onward to Thine altar
Their hallowed path they trace.

8 To cast their crowns before Thee
In perfect sacrifice,
Till to the home of gladness
With Christ’s own Bride they rise.


The Voice That Breathed O’er Eden Lyrics
Author: John Keble (1857)