The Sacrifice Is Offered Now Lyrics

The Sacrifice is offered now,
The solemn Mass is done,
Before we, leave your children bow,
Once more before your throne.
Lord for this blessed Sacrament,
We praise your love divine,
The love which you yourself present,
Through forms of bread and wine.

We thank you for the heavenly food,
That very life indeed;
That gives us courage to be good,
And grace for every need,
We bless you for the body slain,
Upon the bitter tree.
O wash me clean from every stain,
And draw our souls to you.

Draw every soul from far away,
Your blood was shed for all,
So for those exiled ones we pray,
That they may hear your call,
And through this Sacrament of
Dear Jesus, we implore,
That all the world may see your face;
And love you evermore.

The Sacrifice Is Offered Now Lyrics


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