Take My Heart, O Father! Take It Lyrics

1 Take my heart, O Father! take it;
Make and keep it all thine own;
Let thy Spirit melt and break it–
This proud heart of sin and stone.

2 Father, make me pure and lowly,
Fond of peace and far from strife;
Turning from the paths unholy
Of this vain and sinful life.

3 Ever let thy grace surround me,
Strengthen me with power divine,
Till thy cords of love have bound me:
Make me to be wholly thine.

5 May the blood of Jesus heal me,
And my sins be all forgiven;
Holy Spirit, take and seal me,
Guide me in the path to heaven.

Take My Heart, O Father! Take It Lyrics
Title: “Take my heart”
Author: Anon. (1849)
Topic: Church: Ordinances of; Communion of Saints: At Lord’s Table


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