Send Forth Your Spirit, O Lord Lyrics

Send forth your spirit, O lord.
That the face of the earth be renewed.

O my soul, arise and bless the Lord God,
O Lord, in majesty enrobed
With pow’r and eternal might.

You are clothed with splendor and with beauty;
O God, and heavenly light,
Is like a cloud that conceals your face.

You have built your palace on the waters;
On wings of wind and fire,
You reign in heaven, rule supreme on earth.

Like the winds the angels fly before you
As fire and flaming light,
Your ministers stand before your throne.

For the earth you fixed on its foundation;
Indeed, it shall stand firm,
And not be moved in unending years.

While alive, I sing the praise of Yahweh,
O Lord, your glorious praise
My lips proclaim: Blessed be the Lord.

Praise God, the author of these marvels,
To Cod the mighty one,
Who made the earth, glory to his name.

Praise to God, the Father, Son and Spirit,
o God who gives us life,
Our thanks return now and evermore.

Send Forth Your Spirit, O Lord Lyrics