Resurrection Lyrics – SONS THE BAND & TRIBL Feat. Steve Davis & Jordan Colle

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Verse 1
Moses spoke and testified
Oceans heard and had to move
Daniel braved the lion jaws
Standing on an ancient truth
Both declaring the great power
That’s right here working in this room

If you need resurrection
I speak Jesus in this place
If you’ve been chained and held down
There is deliverance

If you think you might lose faith
He’s a God of the impossible
Watch what He can do
Watch what He can do

Verse 2
There’s a God who sent His son
To be the final sacrifice
With all authority of Heaven
He crushed the enemies head
Hell/Death bowed down

I’ve seen it with my own eyes
More than a time or two
Forever faithful There is nothing that
He can’t do

I’ve seen it in my own life
He’ll do the same for you
Forever faithful There is nothing that
He can’t do

Resurrection Lyrics by SONS THE BAND and TRIBL Featuring Steve Davis and Jordan Colle

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