Recap Freestyle Lyrics – Battz (TN)

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Okay, this is the recap, this is the recap
I had to move, had to detach
See where I stand and I remap
Get myself together and I restrat
My little sister, I need that
Her big brother, yeah she need that
God’s way, we tryna teach that
Look, I’ve been fornicatin’, I’ve been tellin’ lies
I would lose some fans if it was televised
I am to the man that is advertised, dawg
Compromised for real

My friends peep in, I’m becoming distant
‘Cause the devil really workin’, I swear that man so persistent
Formed in the womb a black man, I was gifted
Every sentence, every instance, I spit it, spewin’ this wisdom
That’s not from me, I probably should lay down
Honestly, it’s ’bout how you act when they not around
Yeah, it’s time to take accountability for our actions
And not get God’s purpose mixed up with your passions, yeah

Song by Battz (TN)

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