Promised Land (Collab OG) Lyrics – TobyMac & Sheryl Crow

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Verse 1: TobyMac
Head down as I punch this clock
The hours roll, they never stop
And I can’t ever seem to get ahead
Always tryin’ to do what’s right
Straight and narrow’s gettin’ tight
Don’t know how much longer I can stand

Chorus: TobyMac
And I’m wonderin’
Yeah, I’m wonderin’
Where’s my promised land?

Verse 2: TobyMac & Sheryl Crow
Out here on this desert road
It’s hot as fire but I’ve grown cold
Circlin’ like a plane that never lands
And even though the questions change
The answers always stay the same
Maybe someday I will understand

Chorus: TobyMac & Sheryl Crow
So I’m wonderin’
Got me wonderin’
Whеre’s my promised land?
Yeah, I’m wondеrin’
Still I’m wonderin’
Where’s my promised land?

Bridge: Sheryl Crow
Well, I’ve run this Earth for many years
If there’s one thing I know
There’s nowhere on this side o’ Heaven
Where streets are made of gold
I’ve long laid down my grand illusions
Lookin’ toward the day that I’ll be home

Verse 3: TobyMac & Sheryl Crow
I won’t give up on this race
Broken but I still have faith
That this old life is all part of a plan
And I can feel it in my soul
One day, I’ll stand before the throne
With nothin’ left but hope in these two hands

Chorus: TobyMac & Sheryl Crow
Through all these seasons
I’m still believin’
You’re my promised land
In all my grievin’
I’m still believin’
You’re my promised land

Outro: Sheryl Crow, TobyMac, TobyMac & Sheryl Crow, Gabriel Patillo, Tasha Smith, Jon Reddick, Andrew Thompson, Emoni Wilkins & Micah Kuiper
You’re my promised land (You’re my promised land)
Ooh ooh ooh-ooh, (Oh oh-oh) ooh ooh ooh-ooh
My promised land (You’re my promised land)
Ooh ooh ooh-ooh, (Oh oh-oh) ooh ooh ooh-ooh (Ah ah)
You’re my promised land
Ooh ooh ooh-ooh, ooh ooh ooh-ooh
Oh oh-oh, oh oh-oh
Ooh ooh-ooh
You’re my promised land

Song by TobyMac and Sheryl Crow

Written by TobyMac and Adam Agee

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