Power Lyrics – World 45 and Parris Chariz

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Ooh, Fredo

Verse 1: Parris Chariz
Yeah, turn fifty cent to a dollar, I got power in a different ghost (What?)
Tap your neighbor on the shoulder, tell him get some dough (Yeah)
And I heard ’bout what they sayin’, get back at me when the album drop (What they say?)
And yo’ mans sayin’ he fitted but he cap a lot (Fitted)
I had the all-white buffs like a tanning spot (Exactly)
Finna pop a n**** hot so they fannin’ out (They tannin’ out)
Told ’em I could give you game if yo’ hand is out (Whatchu do?)
I turnt myself into the plug, I thank God He made me stay in a house (Exactly)
My granny had another surgery, I been prayin’ it out (What else?)
I ain’t goin’ off how you used to be, I’m goin’ off how you act today (Yeah)
We in the Apple runnin’ back ’cause the Apple Pay
Breathe on the beat, they bring it back like it’s Lazarus
Twenty on the table for a market, I’m a strategist (Yeah)
Tryna carry cash, not a casket (Not a casket)
And my palms still itchy ’cause I’m passionate
(I’ll be right though) P

Verse 2: Ots J Huncho
After O up in the front, the S after the T (Uh, huh)
Made a play up off the P outside the Chesapeake
Hat fire, red and yellow, hold on
Ayy, hat fire red and yellow guns runnin’ through airspeed like I’m Reggie B
You know I don’t show remorse, they gon’ think so less of me
Bein’ broke all on the porch, now we on bread like sesame
‘Til that money fast-paced (What else?)
You got more money than Tyreke, you see more white than Brady (Facts)
Turn fifty cent to a dollar, I got power in a different ghost
Tell yo’ baby daddy quit tryin’, he ain’t J Huncho
Remember days bein’ broke (Uh, huh) had to get the cake up (Facts)
Then my brother turn jelly like a fancy layup (Go)
Say he tired of nine to fives, he gon’ trap ’em way up (Y’know)
‘Cause you ain’t nothin’ in this world ’til you get yo’ paper (What else?)
Remember rappin’ for free tryna get my name up
Now you can’t even get a adlib ’til you go and pay Hunch

Song by World 45 and Parris Chariz Featuring Ots J Huncho

Written by Parris Chariz and Ots J Huncho

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