Only God Knows Lyrics – Ted Hajnasiewicz

We all believe in a god who loves
We all agree that God is love
We just disagree ’bout who He loves

We’re all searching for something more
Like waiting for a bottle to wash up on shore
Tell me who is it you’re waiting for
Tell me who you’re waiting for

We’re all a little scared of what comes next
Some of us convince ourself we got every box checked
But those check lists keep on growin’

Some say Jesus, somе say Allah, some say universe
Somе condemn their neighbor with their favorite verse
But only God knows
Only God knows

And when the shame comes on, do you cover up?
Do you make light of your wrong?
Do you just give up?
Do you understand you are loved?
Do you know how much you’re loved?

Yeah, I believe in a God who loves
But my faith is weak so I cover up ’cause I just can’t give up
What do I know?
Only God knows

Song by Ted Hajnasiewicz

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