One Great And Final Sabbath Day Lyrics

One great and final Sabbath day,
The Sun of our salvation,
In death and darkness hid his ray,
And in his broken temple lay
Before the holy night was fled,
He raised his body from the dead,
To rule the new creation,
Of our sanctification.

Close-hidden in the sealed tomb,
He wrought his peaceful wonder,
And broke the locks and bars of doom,
As gently as the garden-gloom,
But Michael, mailed in blinding light,
Came flashing from the heavenly height,
And rolled the stone asunder,
And shook the world with thunder.

The feet that trod the winepress lone,
Go shod with wine-red roses.
The mighty hands hold fast their own,
Deep writ in living ruby stone;
And from the heart for evermore,
His sacred side like heaven’s door,
To continue men uncloses,
And wine of life disposes,

O God, whose son has made away,
With death’s dominion hoary,
Unlock to them that grope and stray,
Wide avenues of endless day;
Enrich with fruit of all desire,
The longing which you did inspire;
That we, who guard his story,
May gaze upon his glory.

One Great And Final Sabbath Day Lyrics


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