Now Or Later Lyrics – S.O.

The GP will see you now
[…] born […], yeah
I’m comin’, yeah

Gimme a crown full of palm leaves, not born in the Palm Springs
Child of the village, my daddy was part king
I see the card he was dealt, but didn’t play for himself
If you’re a man of the people, then it’s more than your wealth, more than your health
More than you, more and more
Read a Psalm in the morning and I see how a good morning could feel

A preacher, but not a nuisance
A teacher, to some a student
But never for amusement, or to fall in a spell
I got a hunch, you probably lose it if you’re caught in an L
Say you get out what you put in when you pour in a well
I couldn’t talk much, had to kill the horcrux
Had to tell my people, “Be prudent” with a cautionary tale
All else fails, but the truth, I pray I bear me some fruit
Told me die to myself, but never bury my roots
Told me carry a cross, but never carry a noose
How you marry the two? You gotta live for the truth
You gotta, see past the pictures, given that a sacrilegious (Sacrilegious)

Know God for yourself and all He has to give us (Has to give us)
This is massive business, can’t be passive with it, uh
Talking active living, uh, is it fact or fiction?
And if it’s real, then everything gotta change, too
Long beard, looking presidential in a beige suit
I’m here feeling residential, I could stay, too
God who made me, same one that creates you, facts
Only want me to rap

Try to silence my speech, but never want me to act
How you want me to win, but never want me to bat?
Is it because of skin, is it because I’m—
Tsk, I don’t know the reason
All I know is everyone who says they love gods, not Jesus
Is it odd? Not even
I won’t stop ’til everyone I know stops grieving
Until they know about the way, what reason do I have to live?
Am I, a rapper turned activist?
Preacher turned pacifist?
A leader whose the catalyst?
Left or right, what you reading? Let me capture it

They don’t know the Kingdom of the world ain’t where my wagon is
They don’t know the vision that I got far greater
Talking every tribe and tongue giving praises to the Saviour
Talking every man or woman, every child that He raised up
God’s will getting done, be it now or later, I’m gone (Gone, gone, gone)

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Song by S.O.

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