Never Ends Lyrics – S.O.

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Feeling older and wiser
Daddy standing beside her
No cider in my rider still
A reminder, decided I should rhyme with skill
An insider, advised told me, I been chill, but bring fire
Eren Yeager the flow, you know it’s all for the taking
Who knew the boy in the manger could save a boy in a basement?

All the scores I been chasing, really just wanting more
Was very flawed with their placement, money does have a lurе
But don’t forget God when you get all thе things you praying for
Major law and applauds to you if you staying pure
They adore you one second, one minute you at the door
Next day it’s disarray ’cause you saying things they abhor
The cycle never ends, I’m tryna break the trend though
How I lose friends who never saw the crescendo?
Probably lose M’s for what I say at the end zone
The One, I depend on, really more than a trend so
I’m on some good soil
Elisha with the good oil

Give Him everything that I got and watch Him move for you
I could never give Him enough, my Saviour too loyal
Like Blue Jays with the food boil, I’m really different
At seventeen spitting sixteens, I nearly missed it
Add it up see, my age and wisdom with real conviction
Had enough of your silly games, we really live this
Tryna show my people the way to a new edition
Out the system, let me say it so explicit, I can scream it loud but they never listen

My people came on ships not a blip, their families caught a rift
Now the neighbor called aunty isn’t fictive, it’s real for me
Kin that ain’t kin but probably gonna kill for me
Uncle stepped in, my daddy gone so he deal with me
Showing me the ropes, held me close, he on the field with me
Had to pull up to a show, let’s keep it ill Philly, man
That ain’t his blood brother, that’s my father’s friend
And ’til this day we’ve never really got it in
Remember when he caught me on the low
Then he called me his son and I saw that this cycle never—
Sade-Rose, she got the same in her uncles
She safe in the jungle when she’s facing some trouble
We were made for one another, God’s grace is amongst you
Now my friend’s, my brother amazed by the bundle
Man, look at life, you seeing the way it work?
What they thought would kill us made us stronger although it hurt (Mm)

Knowing that I ain’t got long, I give ’em worth
The cycle’s gonna end when Jesus comes for His church

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Song by S.O.

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