My People, What Have I Done To You Lyrics

1. my people, what have I done to you?
How have I afflicted you? Answer me!

2. Holy God, mighty God,
Holy, immortal one, have mercy on us.

It was I who brought you
Out of the land of Egypt,
And you prepared a cross
For your saviour!

It was I who led you
Through the desert for forty years,
It was I who fed you with manna
And brought you into a land exceedingly good,
And you have prepared a cross for your saviour!

What more ought I have done
For you than I have done?
I have planted you, indeed, as my beautiful vineyard,
And you have become to me exceedingly bitter.

In my thirst you gave me vineyard to drink,
And with a lance
You pierced the side of your saviour.

It was I who for your sake,
Scourged Egypt through its firstborn.
And you have scourged me and betrayed me.

It was I who led you out of Egypt
And drowned Pharaoh in the Red Sea,
And you have delivered me
Into the hands of the Chief Priests.

It was I who opened the sea before you,
And with a spear, my side, you opened.

It was I who went before you
In a pillar of cloud,
And to the judgment seat of Pilate you led me.

It was I who drew from the rock
Of salvation for you to drink,
And you heaped blows and scourges on me.

It was I who your sake struck the King of
And you have given me gall and vinegar to drink.

It was I who fed you with manna in the desert,
And with a reed, you struck my head.

It was I who gave you a royal scepter,
And you have put on my head a crown of thorns.

It was I who exalted you with great power,
And on the gibbet of the cross you have hanged me.

My People, What Have I Done To You Lyrics


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