Marvelous God Lyrics by Moses Bliss

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[In English and Pidgin]

Marvelous God, You are so good (4x)

Marvelous God
You do what no man can do
Open doors no man can shut
You are Marvelous God (Repeat)

Shebi na You wey gimme (It’s true that You give me) better life
And You pick me up from the other side
And You–planty my feet for the water side o
You clean me up, you organize me o

Anytime I kno-kno-kno knock
You no waste time you dey open the door
Wetin I see is a blessing galore
And on top my head, You dey po-po pour (Repeat

Anything You say is “Yea and Amen”
We cannot deny You’re so amazing
When we say You are good
It’s an understatement
Amen, Amen


See the things You do, e dey blow my mind
I’m amazed, I’m amazed
Lord I’m amazed, Lord I’m amazed
The way You blessing me, e dey blow my mind
I’m amazed I’m amazed
Lord I’m amazed, Lord I’m amazed
When I thought that You have done too much
You still dey do, Papa you dey do
Do…., You still dey do (Repeat)

Song by Moses Bliss Featuring Mike Aremu

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