Life Again (Radio) Lyrics – Brad and Rebekah

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Verse 1:
You know the desires of my heart
Every whisper and every passing thought
Your ways are better
Your ways are higher

Verse 2:
The source and supply my portion
Your storehouse is where my help comes from
A generous river
You never stop giving, Jesus

Chorus 1:
For life again
My second chance
I wanna say thank you
I wanna say thank you

With every breath
With all I am
I can’t help but thank You
I can’t help but thank You

Verse 2:
These scars are my testimony
I have every rеason to believe
You arе my healer
You’ve always been healing
And you’re still healing

These wounds did not heal themselves
These chains did not break on their own
This life rescued out of the grave
Only In Jesus Name

Song by Brad and Rebekah

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