Let Us Sing Praise To Him With Endless Joy Lyrics

Let us sing praise to him with endless joy.
Death’s fearful sting he has come to destroy,
our sins forgiving, alleluia.
Jesus is living, alleluia!

Christ has arisen, alleluia!
Rejoice and praise him, alleluia,
for our redeemer burst from the tomb,
even from death, dispelling its gloom.

For three long days the grave did its worst
until its strength by God was dispersed.
He who gives life did death undergo,
and in its conquest his might did show

The angel said to them, “Do not fear.
You look for Jesus who is not here.
Only the grave cloths are here to see
Himself you will meet in Galilee.

Go spread the news; he’s not in the grave.
He has arisen, mankind to save.
Jesus’ redeeming labors are done.
Even the battle with sin is won.

He has risen to set us free.
Alleluia, to him praise be!
The power of Satan no longer binds,
nor can enslave the thoughts of men’s minds.

Jesus is living, let all men sing.
He reigns triumphant, eternal king,
and he has promised those who believe
into his kingdom he will receive.

Let Us Sing Praise To Him With Endless Joy Lyrics


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