Kingdom Book One Interlude Lyrics – Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin

I mean, there’s been times I feel like givin’ up
And I-I just wanna throw in the towel, I’m like, “Man!”
And then Maverick City Music comes out of nowhere
It’s like they—, we were missing that sound
Because every time I’m goin’ through somethin’, I listen to a Maverick City song after reading a scripture
And it’s like I’m back to bein’ rejuvenated
I mean I-I’m lost for words, man, just meetin’ these guys
You-you might as well say the world almost stopped when Kirk Franklin walked in here
It’s like Michael Jackson or—
I mean, f-for us, he’s like the, the King Of, King Of Gospel
And now bein’ in, bein’ in the presence with guys
That’s just tryna worship God, and
And all on the same page, one vision
Everybody’s comin’ together for one goal—to bring people to Christ
Man, the love
The fact that these guys took time out
The fact that they comin’ here to make us feel important for four days
There’s just, there’s no words for that
It just, it doesn’t even make sense
And we feel loved
And we just, we just appreciate it
We just thank God

Kingdom Book One Interlude Lyrics by Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin

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