Intro Skit Lyrics – Bumps INF

Interlude: Bumps INF & Bizzle
Mornin’, Miss Johnson
Flowers look fantastic, by the way
Who’s this?
Huh, what’s this guy want?
Yo, what up, bro?
Yo, Bumps, what up wit’ it, bro?
Chillin’, man, chillin’, what’s up?
Yo, check it, so I know you over there workin’ on the album
But I’m over here listenin’ to these Car Bars you been droppin’ on Instagram
And the freakin’ response is crazy
Ah, thank you
So look, I was thinkin’, right? (Mm-hmm)
Everybody already knows you the most transparent dude in the game (Am I? Heh)
Every album transparent, so transparency, like
We already know all your business, bro (Tehahahaha, alright)
So I’m thinkin’ in the meantime, we put a pause on that (Okay)
And we give ’em bars
Like, let’s take ’em all the way back to Who Is Mark James?
Hmm, I think I could do that

Song by Bumps INF Featuring Bizzle

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