I Believe In God Almighty Lyrics

I believe in God almighty
Who made heav’n and earth.
I believe in one Lord,
Jesus Christ, his only Son
God from God and light from light,
The true one God above, with the Father,
He is one creator of all things.

Oh I believe in God almighty,
Who made heaven and earth.
Yes I believe in God almighty
Who made heaven and earth

For us all he came to earth and lived
as one of us.
For our sake he suffered death.
They nailed him to a cross.
But no earthly grave could hold the Lord of
Heaven and earth;
Bursting forth he rose again, just
as the prophets said.

Forty days he walked the earth,
A dead man come alive.
Then he bid his friends farewell,
Returning to his heaven.
He will come again to judge the
living and the dead.
He is Lord of all the worlds; His
kingdom has no end.

I believe in God the Father, Spirit and his Son,
I believe the church is holy, Universal, one.
And through water all our guilt is cleansed,
We are made new.
Dying we will rise again to live for ever more.

I Believe In God Almighty Lyrics


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