Hope Of The Ages (Live at Team Night) Lyrics – Hillsong Worship

Verse 1:
The Gospel of Jesus
It’s the hope of the ages
Burning brighter and brighter
And standing forever

The Church He is building
Nothing can stop it
It’s a city that’s shining
A light in the darkness

Nothing can stop it

Though Christ was dead
Now surely He’s risen
Yeah He’s coming back again

And Christ will reign
In triumph forever
Yeah all praise belongs to Him
Yeah all praise belongs to Jesus

Verse 2:
His Word is the answer
For all generations
It will never be tainted
It will never be brokеn

This is our confession
This is our conviction
We beliеve what is written
We believe what You’ve spoken

Sing hallelujah
Christ is our Redeemer
Shout hallelujah
Jesus holds our future

Song by Hillsong Worship Featuring Jad Gillies

Written by Reuben Morgan and Cody Carnes

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