Heavenly Sion, Mirror Shining Lyrics

Heavenly Sion, mirror shining,
Where our hearts true peace behold,
Palace of his fair designing,
Whom no worlds or heavens enfold,
Long ago, your birth divining,
Prophets of your glory told.

Holiday they keep unending,
Safe and free within your walls:
Alleluia, ever sending
Echoes from your vocal halls;
Nought is there that needs amending,
There no evil shadow falls.

Though no cloud hang o’er you ever,
Yet our air refreshment knows;
Eve those noon-days do not sever,
Which the Sun of suns bestows;
Night is noon, where toil comes never,
None may labour, none repose.

Ah, frail body, earth forsaking,
In what glory will you rise!
Passing fair in your remaking,
Strong and whole and swift and wise,
Free, and joy in freedom taking,
Framed for life that never dies.

Up and stir you, onward spur you;
What, though toil be hand to bear,
If God’s grace shall count you worthy,
Those unguessed rewards to share?
Brief the pains that shall prefer you,
To eternal glory there.

Here, by earthly cares surrounded,
Praise we still the One in Three,
Who those heavenly walls had founded,
Mansion of the blest to be;
Theirs to sing with love unbounded,
Praise to his eternity.

Heavenly Sion, Mirror Shining Lyrics

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