God, Of Your Pity, Unto Us Your Children Lyrics

God, of your pity, unto us your children,
Bend down your ear in your own loving kindness,
And all thy people’s prayers and vows and ascending,
Hear, we beseech you.

Look down in mercy from thy seat of glory,
Pour on our souls the radiance of your presence,
Drive from our weary hearts the shades of darkness,
Lightening our footsteps.

Free us from sin by might of thy great loving,
Cleanse you the sordid, loose the fettered spirit,
Spare every sinner, raise with your own right hand,
All who have fallen.

Christ, very light and goodness, life of all things,
Joy of the whole world, infinite in kindness,
Who by the crimson flowing of your life-blood,
Life has restored us.

Plant, sweetest Jesus, at our supplication,
Deep in our hearts your charity: upon us,
Faith’s everlasting light be poured, and increase,
Grant us loving.

Glory to God the Father everlasting,
Glory forever to the Sole-begotten,
With whom the Holy Spirit through the ages
Reigneth co-equal.

God, Of Your Pity, Unto Us Your Children Lyrics


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