By The Cross Her Vigil Keeping Lyrics

By the cross her vigil keeping,
Stands the queen of sorrow weeping,
While her son in torment hangs;
Now she feels – O heart afflicted,
By the sword of old predicted!
More than all a mother’s pangs.

Sad and heavy stands beside him,
She who once had magnified him,
One- begotten, only born;
While she sees that rich atoning,
Long the moaning, deep the groaning,
Of her mother-heart forlorn.

Who, Christ’s mother contemplating,
In such bitter anguish waiting,
Has no human tears to shield?
Who would leave Christ’s mother, sharing
All the pain her son is bearing,
By those tears uncomforted?

Victim-priest of Jewry’s nation,
There he hangs in expiration;
Scourge and nail have had their will;
Earth and heaven his cause forsaking,
Now his noble heart is breaking ,
Now the labouring breath is still.

Mother, fount where love flows truest,
Let this love flow ever through us,
Let me weep as you have wept;
Love divine within me burning,
That same love of God returning,
May your son this heart accept.

Mother, if my prayer be granted,
Those five wounds of his implanted,
In my breast I faint would see;
Love exceeding hangs there bleeding,
My cause pleading, my love needing,
Bid him share his cross with me.

Till life fails, I would not fail him,
Still remember, still bewail him,
Born your son, and crucified;
By the cross my vigil keeping,
I would spend those hours of weeping,
Queen of sorrows, at your side.

Virgin, boast of all creation,
Heed my tears, nor consolation
In your bitterness repel;
At your side his livery waering,
His cross bearing, his death sharing,
Of those wounds the bleeds I’ll tell.

Wounds of Christ, in spirit bruise me,
Chalice of his blood, bemuse me,
Cross of Christ, be you my stay!
Lest I burn in fires unending.
Sinless maid, my cause befriending,
Shield me at the judgement day!

Jesus, when earth’s shadows leave me,
Through your mother’s prayers receive me,
With the palm of victory;
When my body lies forsaken,
Let my ransomed soul awaken,
Safe, in paradise, with you.

By The Cross Her Vigil Keeping Lyrics


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