Burial Lyrics – Mitch Wong

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Verse 1:
To die is gain
No resurrection comes without a grave
The sun descends before another day
The path You have to me
It is the same
It is the same

God I’m letting go
Of everything that’s fading
Trading in the old
I’m a new creation
It’s no longer I who live but Christ
Open up my eyes
There’s a miracle after the burial
There’s a miracle after the burial

Verse 2:
The seed must fall
Before the bud, the bloom, the beautiful
And tears may last the night before the joy
My faith is pressing on to the reward
You’re my reward

You’re miracle after the burial
For no grave can hold
Your love all-powerful
You are making all things bright and beautiful
You’re alive in me
You’re alive in me

Song by Mitch Wong

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