Back n Bold (Freestyle) Lyrics – Mike Teezy

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Yeah, huh
It’s your boy Mike Teezy

Ayy, I’m back and I’m better than ever before (I’m back)
Went through the fire but I came out gold (Sheesh)
I know that my end ain’t gon’ look nothin’ like my beginning
Just watch how the story unfold (Watch)
Even in Rome, I cannot do what y’all doin’
I guess that I’m breakin’ the mold (Yeah)
I know my role, I’m back and I’m bold
You can hear it in the sound of my tone
I’m independent but I’ve been depending on my Father, ’cause He been defending me
I bet that any minute He could come with the quickness, so don’t try to test His agility
The enemy sent to me, said he want smoke so I’m puffin’ it out like a chimney
I told him speak up if he think he’ll getting the victory
We just heard crickets, and that’s with the Jimmeny
Him and his minions will not get dominion, and that’s probably something he already know (Facts)
Back in the lab making rap after rap, when I rest on the sabbath, come back for some more (Sheesh)
Hit my back on the rows, but I catapult forward and use it as force like I’m Rocky Balboa (Yeah)
Snakes in the grass so I pull out my mower (Yeah, yeah)
Ain’t nothin’ new to me like I’ve been here before (Yeah, yeah)
This is spiritual war (Spiritual war)
You know he in trouble, I pulled out my sword
He called out for help but I’m cuttin’ the cord
Got him on a island, he stuck on the shore (Yeah)
I’m colder than ice like I took him up north
I came with the squad and they tougher than yours
Man he tried to buy me but I’m not for sale
Because Christ paid the price he could never afford (That man, he broke)

Ayy, what you been doing?
Hustling, tryna put food on our plates (Sheesh)
Think I just got me some cat that’s calling me daddy the way I be raising the stakes (Daddy)
I tried to take the controls and the reigns
But that’s when God told me to stay in my place (Yeah)
I used to look at life bitter, but that was until the day I got a taste of His grace (Taste)
Now I’m back and I’m bold, I’m better than ever before
Just look at me (Look)
Used to tell me to be quiet like we in a library, now they be bookin’ me (Shh, that’s crazy)
Who woulda knew all these trees would grow from the seeds that He put in me? (Who woulda knew?)
And who woulda knew I would be everything that they said that I couldn’t be
Woo, ayy, woah, back and I’m bold, I stand on ten toes
Garment of praise, just check out the clothes (Check out the fit)
It ain’t no secret, the work I been puttin’ in, I just keep it on the low (On the low)
They tryna take it, I said they can keep it ’cause I be reapin’ what I sow (Facts)
That means I got it right back
If I gave it you already know that’s a hunnid fold (That’s a hunnid)
I had to tell folks I ain’t know to grab buckets to try and catch some of this overflow (Try to catch it)
I tried to laugh through the pain, it was so uncomfortable like hittin’ a funny bone
But I’m walkin’ in grace, got a smile on my face, what I’m battlin’ you’d probably never know

Yeah, I’m back and I’m bold

Song by Mike Teezy

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