A Great and Mighty Wonder

1 A great and mighty wonder,
a glorious mystery:
a virgin bears an infant
who veils his deity.

Proclaim the Savior’s birth:
“To God on high be glory
and peace to all the earth!”

2 The Word becomes incarnate
and yet remains on high,
and cherubim sing anthems
to shepherds from the sky. [Refrain]

3 While thus they sing your monarch,
those bright angelic bands,
rejoice, O vales and mountains,
and oceans, clap your hands. [Refrain]

4 Since all he comes to ransom,
by all be he adored,
the infant born in Bethl’em,
the Savior and the Lord. [Refrain]

5 All idols then shall perish
and Satan’s lying cease,
and Christ shall raise his scepter,
decreeing endless peace. [Refrain]

Translator: J. M. Neale
Author: St. Germanus I

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