8AM W NICO MORENO Lyrics – Christopher Syncere

Ahaha, hey, stay calm
Check check

Lately my head is out and been inside the clouds or in a book
Lately I’m thinkin’ we ain’t gon’ last too much longer, I’ve been shook
All my heroes fallin’ from grace like Tyler Perry flicks
Got me prayin’ to the Lord askin’ that that will not be Chris
And I done peeped the way these church folk try to keep me on a leash
And I done peeped the way some Christians want me free from bein’ me
And I don’t gotta keep the piece, my grandma taught me keep the peace
And I know Jesus livе in me, so I don’t need no Jesus piecе
I’m just rockin’ the pearls
Patrick Star, I’m livin’ under the Rock of the world
Magic bars, grab my pen, tell her father we’ll work
Tell her she know my God even before she was birthed
I gotta tell the truth so they can’t dig up any dirt
Ayy, yeah, and they want, ayy, uh, yeah
And they want me to be in Egypt, I’m Moses to Pharaoh
And they want me to be a slave, but I’m more like Django
That’s why I’m comin’ for they head just like Thor to the Thanos
Satan tryna find me on a map, Don Diego
And when I die, I’m tryna hear God say “Muy bueno”
They been on they old stuff while I bring the nuevo
2021, I saved in the best of my pesos
And every chip I’m gettin’ back, now I’m havin’ the queso
And boy, I’m way too extreme for the game, Nico Moreno
Yeah, only my brothers getting that line
I’m still the same Kansas pastor Chris, dummy Annie had me baptized
I couldn’t be out here spittin’ cap lines, yeah
I done a lot for Atlanta that I don’t post about
It’s people postin’ when Jesus said not to show it out
And they got me questionin’ motives of why we movin’ now
We sacrifice integrity to go and be with cooler crowds
Ayy, yeah
But it’s still Sky High how I’m breakin’ strongholds
I keep the fire in me like Warren Peace, I’m high, bro
You want accountability but hang with the wrong bros
The ones that keep that nine on them, Rajon Rondo
And if the Lord speak, then I’m movin’ up pronto
God givin’ good love to Syncere like Rollo
And bet money I’ll dip if gossip’s in the convo
That fire was birthed where we was packed in the condo
My family was livin’ in the dumps in a dark home
Hotel to the back porch weighed down on my mom’s soul
But I still kept the faith and worked hard like my mom told
And we was surrounded by wolves, new Life of Pablo
I saw the reaper ridin’ around in that Bronco
And I pray to the Lord and ask for light straight from God’s throne
To choke out all my demons and beat ’em all like bongos
And I go, uh, whipper, whipper, demon-stepper
I done stepped up, dodge picks, pepper, I get bread up
Keep my head up, the new Esther, won’t accept the lie from devil Only the words from Omega, my praise mega, I flow, ayy
My God is just and so is the water
You say “Hakuna Matata,” you lackin’ peace of the Father
I left some things at the altar, don’t wanna slip up and falter
Take me off of the stage, gimme somethin’ a lil’ smaller
I don’t wanna sell the gospel out for a lira or dollar
These church kids, they lackin’ character ’cause of the way they was brought up
And they feelings really is as blue as they little collar
You won’t catch me out here braggin’ ’bout bein’ perfect for nada
I don’t wanna cheat on my wife or denounce my Christ
Or speak on a mic wit’ demons or pride, I’m speakin’ my mind
They itchin’ to bind me in a confinement
Play that my mind is better with time, just heaven refinement
Inside the most hectic of times, I’m, ayy
To my own amazement, I rose as the golden child
The antisocial child that loves to control the crowd
The lonely child that’s always there just to hold it down
And yeah, they know me now, but they don’t know what goes in the smile
I start my days with prayer and meditation
Some of my boys start it off with sex and medication
Another started postin’ content out of desperation
For fear they won’t ever make it, me and my demons cannot hang, it’s segregation
Why don’t you do what God told you, boy, instead of waitin’?
And when I’m trollin’ is when I’m in my natural habitation
I just love to see y’all wheezy, some get aggravated
That’s how I know to pick my friends, if they love confrontation
I live inside the future, I’m like Phil
When I was eight, I knew to serve refreshed to press the will
I lost a couple friends, and that’s unfortunate, but still
I gotta live like I could die, ’cause boy, I could for real
Ayy yo, I could for real, yeah

Song by Christopher Syncere

Written by Christopher Syncere and 100graham