1 G.O.A.T. Lyrics – Bumps INF

Verse 1: Bumps Inf
Being a Christian’s like a you in a draft class with Jordan
‘Cuz, there’s one goat, and the rest of us ain’t that important
Compared to all of this competition, man, that gap’s enormous
He’s gotta leg up on ’em, more like He’s Captain Morgan
Don’t really got the time to go back and forth with you, avid Foreman
With the mumble rappers, who peddle death just like you Jack Kevorkian
I can’t support them, I be at the morgue and I’m adding corpses
I’m sending shots up so everybody look just like them cats in Oregon
A wise man once told me, shoot, only timе will tell
But the only person that rеally knows it man, is God Himself
In this position, man, I get no glimpse what is behind the veil (Nope)
But if I can’t trust Jesus then Hitler is not in hell
Well, man, I think you see where this goin’?
Wait a second, let me breath for a moment
‘Cuz I get either opponents, but I much just rather speak on Jesus’ atonement
And claim you save, but a lot of ya’ll can’t even spit sixteen without boasting (Oh)
What is love, really run deep as an ocean
Anyone can walk wit Him, kinda like them sneakers you bowlin’ (Uhh)
Understand, ya the plans that He has for ya
Yo, this bigger than a mailman’s calf muscles
The type strength you couldn’t fathom the magnitude
That Thanos dude and his crew, but couldn’t add ’em too
What can I say, without His grace, it gets bad for you
By your faith, there’s not a thang that you can’t renew
In 2020, man, it just felt like all of my heroes died
So, I just focused on myself, ‘cuz I know that beer don’t lie
I never been qualified to judge another man for sin
Your playful addict on social media, I be at the gym
Lot of my writtens go directly in the trash
Kinda like the Browns, I be having questionable drafts
The flesh, it can get bad, especially in the lab
Gotta lose my way up here like GPS when they crash
So, the bars that have been crafted
If God’s considered absence, well that’s playin’ wit fire
Kinda like an arsonist with matches
Look, man, if I ain’t got Your spirit when I be talking to the masses
I just pray I pump the brakes, kinda like a car that sits in traffic
Have mercy, please give me graces, Lord, I need it
Homie, if you know what was at stake well then you would need it
But you can’t, ‘cuz your anemic, unable to receive it
Fully in denial, but you went swimmin’ in Egypt
Cornerstone, that’s who the builder’s rejected
But He still seeks and saves the lost like a real good detective
I’m revealin’ the message for the children that’s guessin’
Who they Father is, like Jada tellin’ Will that she’s pregnant
Bumpy (Haha)

Outro: Bumps Inf
Hey, whoa
I gotta question though
Who is Mark James?
That’s more like it, huh
Man, light the flame (Man, light the flame)
Hey, let’s go

Song by Bumps INF

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