You Are Good (Your Mercy Endures) Lyrics – Common Hymnal

Verse 1:
There’s so much beauty around us
More than the eyes can take in
We have awakened to see you in all things
In every hour and moment
Present with us, the I AM
You are the end and beginning of all things

You are good
And your mercy endures forever

Verse 2:
In all the suffering around us
How can you be a good God?
What can I do with the questions in my soul?
I may not have all the answers
But I can’t deny what I know
Jesus, you showed me the father and he is good

Breaking down all of the walls
Healing us until we fall
More and more in love with you
And we finally see who you are
There has never been a day
You have ever turned away
Your love for us will never change
One day we will see who you are

Song by Common Hymnal Feat. David Brymer and Olivia Yokubonis

Writers: David Brymer (ASCAP) and Gilbert Nanlohy (ASCAP)