Who You Say You Are Lyrics – Common Hymnal

Verse 1:
You, you’re not afraid of our questions
You, you’re not offended by our fear
We, we just really want to trust you
So we bring what we have
Would you meet us here?

Lord, you have told us you're for us
Even when we don’t understand
And we are leaning on that promise
Believing you are who you say you are

Verse 2:
You, you don’t see us for our failures
You, you always find the best in us
We, we may stray but you are faithful
So we fall into you
We know you’ll raise us up

You said you are the only way
Truth and the life
You stay the same
O Great I Am
Our reason why

Song by Common Hymnal Feat. Kierre Bjorn, Jenny Wahlstrom, and Isaac Gill

Writers: Kierre Bjorn Lindsay (BMI), Isaac Gill (ASCAP), Jenny Wahlström (STIM), and Amos Housworth (BMI)