Who is God?

God is the Creator of all things

You may be wondering:

“Who is God?”

Well, you will discover what the Bible says from today’s post.

  1. God is the beginning

He was there before the beginning of all.

Meaning, there is nobody before Him. Not even anything like “Mum and dad.”

Everything or being in existence on Earth and in Heaven has a beginning. But He has no beginning.

If He had parents, they would have been His source or beginning.

  1. He does not change

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

He has never been a baby, toddler, teen, adult. He has always been the same.

People and things come and go. They grow old and die. He doesn’t.

  1. He is not under time

We are. For God is eternal.

And He has given Christians the gift of eternal life. But no Christian can live beyond Him.

We are one with Him.

You become eternal like Him when you receive Jesus Christ.

  1. He is the end

He has no successor. There is nobody after Him.

Everything or being in existence shall pass away. And He will see to that.

He lives forever to make sure all things pass away.

His job is to obey His very own Words, for He has lifted His Words above His Name. So He will do it.

  1. He is the Savior of the World, not Christians

God, the Father of all those who believe in Jesus Christ, sent His only begotten son to come and die for every man.

He paid for the sin of the world. And that’s the Good News we, Christians, are sent to spread. Many still don’t know.


God is the creator of all men, including sinners. And the father of sinners is Lucifer because we, Christians, don’t sin. But we can.

So God is the Father of us, Christians.

Watch the video about the fall of Lucifer.

Now, who created God?


He, the uncreated creator of all things, including you, sits in the circumference of Himself.

One more thing:

You are the only being in all creation that looks exactly like the Alpha and the Omega.

You were created in His image and likeness.

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